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Committed to the dynamic balancing machine research and development, design, manufacturing

Ji 'nan bodihao machinery equipment co., LTD. Is a technical entity that develops, designs and manufactures dynamic balancing machines. After more than 10 years of development since its establishment, the company has built a technology research and development team with innovative ability. Meanwhile, we have formed a good interaction with some colleges and universities in jinan city to conduct research on new balance machine technology. For many years we have been trying to chase the world dynamic balancing machine new development trend, through the balance technology innovation and re-innovation we continue to improve the balance machine efficiency, improve the balance machine performance, and enrich the balance of the types and models. We not only to meet the majority of customers for high quality commonly used balancing machine demand, we also meet the needs of individual customers according to their own needs for balance machine for personalized customization. In 2018, the company designed and produced the automatic brake drum eccentric turning deweighting balancer to fill the gap in this technology and has applied for the device invention special interest.
Now the company produces dynamic balancing function to meet dozens of grams to more than 50t workpiece balance test, there are universal joint drive, belt drive, self-drive, single-side vertical machine, double-side vertical machine, fan dedicated, transmission shaft dedicated and automatic balancing machine series dozens of models. We have achieved the ISO quality certification system and CE certification, the products sell well all over the country and exported to South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Germany, and other countries, it is widely used in motor, fan, water pump, auto parts, textile, chemical industry, agricultural machinery, ships, internal combustion engines, oil machinery, paper machinery, new energy and other industries, products help users reduce the vibration and improve the user's product quality. Excellent products and good after-sales service, we are well received by users.
The company can also customize the special CNC processing equipment according to the customer's demand, we produce special CNC milling machine to brake disc or brake drum milling and ordinary balance machine with the use of improved customer balance efficiency to reduce labor, for users to bring real benefits.
The user's need is our work goal, "advanced technology, excellent quality, perfect service" is our constant commitment, jinan bodihao machinery equipment co., LTD. Looks forward to cooperating with you!

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Address: no. 8697 jingshi xi lu, changqing district, jinan city

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