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Brake drum turning automatic balancing machine

  • product name: Brake drum turning automatic balancing machine
  • Product categories: Fully automatic balancing machine
  • company name: Jinan bodihao machinery equipment co. LTD
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Product details

1. Brake drum turning automatic balancing machine

Automatic balance of brake drum eccentric turning is a product of our company, which realizes a station measurement and eccentric turning to remove weight, filling the technical gap. Without universal reinforcing bar drilling and small section milling to remove weight, the product to a large extent to ensure the brake drum in the balance of the rear drum mouth strength; Compared with milling to reduce the weight greatly workshop noise; Compared with the milling method of automatic balancing machine equipment efficiency is greatly improved.

2. Measurement system

industrial control computer, industrial touch screen, Windows operating platform

with the company's independent development of automatic eccentric turning balance measurement system

one-key automatic operation and equipment calibration, make equipment operation more concise

3. Mechanical parts and controls

integrated equipment, and more than 4t of equipment weight makes the equipment rigid and stable operation.

equipment with full protection device, special chip structure, equipment will not pile up a lot of iron chips

power head counterweight device makes the power head accurate operation.

PLC control workflow, servo, pneumatic action implementation

Note: please contact us for specific requirements of the equipment, and we will give you a good plan

Manufacturer standard configuration parameters

Equipment model abm-500

Maximum mass of workpiece (kg) 80

Workpiece large diameter (mm) ?500

Balance correction method eccentric turning

Minimum residual unbalance GMM /kg 2

Unbalance reduction rate 90%

Balance speed range (RPM) 150-500

Balanced spindle servo motor 7.5kw

Turning spindle motor power 5.5kw

Turning speed (RPM) 250

Eccentric turning feed servo 2Kw

Turning tool vertical travel mm > 300

Compressed air (KPa) 600 

equipment details please contact us for information


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