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YFW-5000Type A balancing machine

  • product name: YFW-5000Type A balancing machine
  • Product categories: Fan balancer
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Product details
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Product details

1. Product introduction of YFW series

YFW series fan special balancing machine belongs to universal joint balancing machine this kind of special balancing machine, is to adapt to the large diameter of the fan inertia and large damping, and when the fan is rotating to the air kinetic energy through the wind channel and a series of characteristics of the motor power and transmission mechanism for re-matching. Of course, other universal joint balance function balance of the workpiece this series of balancing machine can also balance. (for example, scan the qr code to add the identity name of the workpiece to the measurement results and save it for future quality investigation)

2. Measurement system

Industrial control computer, 19 "LCD display (can be customized with touch screen), Windows operating platform

with the company's independent development of balance measurement system. General software functions cover all the functions of the domestic mainstream balancing machine software, the operation of all the use of Chinese menu structure, operating steps text prompt; Special software includes: all kinds of automatic balancing machine software, with the function of tracking the Angle of the software, with the function of automatic positioning software, transmission shaft multi-axis joint school software

measuring system performance is strong: arbitrary workpiece calibration, measuring speed range wide 80 RPM starting, measuring speed block, unbalance amplitude and phase stability, high deweighting rate and separation ratio, high sensitivity

software with allowable unbalance calculator, the operator only needs to input the allowable vibration of the workpiece precision level, mass, working speed, and radius click to calculate the number of grams to allow the remaining unbalance of the workpiece

software completely independent development, according to customer requirements to modify or add software functions (such as scanning the two-dimensional code to add the workpiece identity name to the measurement results to save for future quality investigation)

3. Mechanical parts and controls

swing drive and bed casting, enough rigidity and stability; Swing driving resistance to static pressure is strong, under the premise of sufficient device driving capacity can generally overload more than 20 percent

the roller on the balance machine is made of bearing steel, the overall salt bath quenching hardness reached HRC55 above; After grinding the support surface of the roller, the radial runout of the polishing is small, and the roller bearing is arranged to make the workpiece run more smoothly and the interference to the measurement signal is lower

swing frame can move along the bed and can be parked in any part of the bed above, so the device can balance between arbitrary length of the workpiece.

the belt drive assembly can also be moved along the bed, convenient to drag the appropriate parts according to the workpiece.

reliable quality of equipment, the use of frequency conversion speed control system, motor soft start soft stop on the impact of the equipment is small, extended the service life of the equipment. Equipment can work continuously, maintenance is simple and convenient

Note: please contact us for more information about the equipment 

Device model yfw-5000a

The workpiece mass ranges from kg 200 to 5000

The maximum diameter of the workpiece is mm 3000

Two support spacing mm 340-2600

The length of the bed is mm 4300

The axis diameter range of the workpiece supported by the roller is mm 40-180, 180-300

Equilibrium speed r/min 253/435/708/1140

The equipment was started to measure the minimum speed r/min 80

Minimum residual unbalance 1gmm/kg

Unbalance reduction rate % 90%

Motor power 37Kw

Speed regulation mode four gear mechanical speed + gear internal frequency conversion speed regulation

Universal joint torque 2500Nm

Operating voltage three-phase four-wire AC 380V, 50/60hz


the above is the factory's standard configuration equipment parameters, we support the product, system according to the customer's demand for the length of the equipment to do the corresponding changes

the device can increase the Angle with the tracer function

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