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X-(400)500 CNC remilling machine

  • product name: X-(400)500 CNC remilling machine
  • Product categories: CNC deweighting special plane
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Product details
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Product details

1. Product introduction

The x-400 (500) is a milling and weight removing balancing machine designed and produced according to the customer's requirements in order to improve the production efficiency of balance. Products are mainly used for brake disc and brake drum and other need to be milling to balance the workpiece, can be used with the ordinary balancing machine, and the factory production of ordinary balancing machine online to achieve semi-automatic production.

2. Mechanical parts and controls

integrated equipment, the base of the equipment and the column are thickened casting parts, equipment milling operation is stable and reliable

increase the heavy duty rotary table, can increase the efficiency of the milling equipment

software to achieve parameter input, can adapt to a variety of workpiece balance to weight requirements.

Software with error prevention, anti-collision knife function.


PLC control workflow, touch screen to achieve man-machine dialogue

Note: please contact us for specific requirements of the equipment, and we will give you a good plan


Manufacturer standard configuration parameters

Equipment model x-400 x-500

Workpiece mass (kg) 30, 100

Artifact large diameter (mm) ?400 ?500

Single knife depth (mm) 5 6

Power head spindle speed (RPM) 500 200

Power head power 5.5KW 7.5KW

Send the servo power 1.5kw 2kw

The rotating servo motor of the turntable is 1.5kw 1.5kw

Compressed air (KPa) 600 600

Brake drum with workpiece brake disc 

manufacturers can be customized according to customer demand corresponding to the weight of special equipment, and provide the factory equipment online service


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