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YYH dual drive balancing machine

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Product details
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Product details

1. YYH series product introduction

YYH series is universal coupling or belt drive two kinds of drive can be used in the general hard support horizontal double-sided dynamic balancing machine. The conventional model of the equipment ranges from yyh-160a to yyh-5000a. The dual-drive balancing machine of larger size needs to be customized after consultation with the manufacturer. The equipment not only has the wide applicability to the workpiece under the universal joint drive mode but also has the convenience and convenience for the balance of the regular cylindrical workpiece under the belt drive mode, so it has the advantages of both the universal joint drive mode and the belt and belt drive mode. The equipment can be used for balance measurement on one side, two sides and multiple correction surfaces. It is suitable for shaft and disc type overhanging rotors. YYH series balancing machine is the ideal model for factory and mining enterprises and individual maintenance service. For the relevant parameters of the dual-drive balancing machine of the same model, please refer to the corresponding winding belt and universal joint balance, for example, the parameters of yyh-500a balancing universal joint drive refer to yyw-500a, and the parameters related to winding belt drive refer to yyq-500a.

2. Measurement system

Industrial control computer, 19 "LCD display (can be customized with touch screen), Windows operating platform

with the company's independent development of balance measurement system. General software functions cover all the functions of the domestic mainstream balancing machine software, the operation of all the use of Chinese menu structure, operating steps text prompt; Special software includes: all kinds of automatic balancing machine software, with automatic positioning function of the software, transmission shaft multi-axis joint school software

measuring system performance is strong: arbitrary workpiece calibration, measuring speed range wide 80 RPM starting, measuring speed block, unbalance amplitude and phase stability, high deweighting rate and separation ratio, high sensitivity

software with allowable unbalance calculator, the operator only needs to input the allowable vibration of the workpiece precision level, mass, working speed, and radius click to calculate the workpiece can allow the remaining unbalance grams

software completely independent development, according to customer requirements to modify or add software functions (such as scanning the two-dimensional code to add the workpiece identity name to the measurement results to save for future quality investigation)

3. Mechanical parts and controls

swing drive and bed casting, enough rigidity and stability; Swing driving resistance to static pressure is strong, under the premise of sufficient device driving capacity can generally overload more than 20 percent

the roller on the balance machine is made of bearing steel, the overall salt bath quenching hardness reached HRC55 above; After grinding the support surface of the roller, the radial runout is small and the precision roller bearing is used to make the workpiece run more smoothly and the interference to the measurement signal is lower

universal joint using fine processing, and through the concentric correction and balance. In this way, the influence of universal joint on the balance of workpiece is greatly reduced, and the precision of workpiece balance is guaranteed.

swing frame can move along the bed and can be parked in any part of the bed above, so the device can balance between arbitrary length of the workpiece.

equipment installation fast switching electrical appliances, can make the use of two kinds of drive more convenient.

reliable quality of equipment, the use of frequency conversion speed control system, motor soft start soft stop on the impact of the equipment is small, extended the service life of the equipment. Equipment can work continuously, maintenance is simple and convenient

Note: please contact us for more information about the equipment


Manufacturer standard configuration parameters

Model driving mode workpiece mass range kg workpiece maximum diameter mm distance between two supports mm support shaft journal mm ring belt drag diameter range mm balance speed r/min minimum up to residual unbalance g.m /kg unbalance reduction rate % motor power kw

YYH - 160 - a ring of 2-160 Φ 10-90 950 80-1420 Φ Φ 30-300 300-1100 90 1.5 0.5 or greater or less

Universal joint 5-160 / 1 2.2

YYH - 300 - a ring of 5-300 1200 150-1500 Φ Φ Φ 40-450-10-90 300-1100 0.5 90 4 or more or less

Universal joint 10-300 / 1 5.5

YYH - 500 - a ring of 10-500 1500 150-1500 Φ Φ 20-120 Φ 40-500 300-1100 0.5 90 4 or more or less

Universal joint 20-500 / 1 5.5

YYH - 1000 - a ring of 10-1000 1500 150-2600 Φ Φ 20-120 Φ 40-650 300-1200 90 5.5 0.5 or greater or less

Universal joint 20-1000 / 1 7.5

Φ YYH - 1600 - a ring of 320-1600, 1800, 150-2600 Φ Φ 40 20-120-800, 150-1500 90 7.5 0.5 or greater or less

Universal joint 30-1600 / 1 11

Φ YYH - 3000 - a ring of 50-3000, 2000, 300-2600 Φ 20-120

Φ 40, 120-240-900, 80-1100-0.5 or greater or less 90 11

Universal joint 100-3000 / 1 11

YYH - 5000 - a ring of 200-5000 Φ Φ 40, 2000, 300-2960-180

Φ 40, 180-300-1000, 80-1100 0.5 90 15 or more or less

Universal joint 200-5000 1 18.5


the above is the factory standard configuration equipment parameters, we support the product, system according to the customer's demand on the diameter of the equipment, the length, the roller support workpiece shaft diameter range and so on to do the equipment structure allows the corresponding changes

the device belt drive part can increase the Angle with the tracer function

equipment can be added without affecting the measurement of performance of reasonable accessories, such as protection and weight removal device

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